October 26, 2014

Public Speaking Just Got Political

MP6 stands for Member of Parliaments 6 (one MP and six speakers) and is an initiative for political public speaking in schools. Hive Media filmed the speaking event at MP Keith Vaz's surgery, and an advert Public Speaking Just Got Political which hasbeen shown in over forty schools and helped extend the MP6 project nationally.
October 17, 2014

Network Champions

Hive Media lead an ERDF funded live events programme interviews with film professionals, practicals and networking sessions, designed to enhance film-making and networks in the regions.
October 15, 2014

Why Video

Whether you are selling a product, an event or even yourself as a speaker having a film on your site makes a MASSIVE difference to sales.
October 15, 2014


In today's media centred world presenting your message to your audience effectively in a visual form is key. Central to our ethos is story telling.